Seafarers’ Ministry and COVID-19 Worldwide Survey Report


by Kevin Walker, NAMMA

In July and early August of this year, the International Christian Maritime Association (ICMA) surveyed its members about how COVID-19 had affected seafarers’ welfare in their areas, what kinds of services they were offering them, what approach they were taking to protecting seafarers from COVID-19, and how COVID-19 and emergency funding had affected their finances. We received 95 responses. These are the results of that survey, with a regional comparison included at the end.

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About ICMA: The International Christian Maritime Association (ICMA) is a free association of Christian not-for-profit organisations working for the welfare of seafarers around the world. Founded in 1969, ICMA currently represents 27 members who provide seafarers’ welfare in more than 450 ports in over 100 countries. ICMA is registered as a Charity in England and Wales (charity number 1176633). For more information, contact ICMA General Secretary, Dr. Jason Zuidema, or visit ICMA at


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