The MARE Report 2022

Welcome to this eighth print edition of the MARE Report, the journal of maritime ministry! We would like to thank all our writers and our diverse colleagues in seafarers’ welfare, whose work informs the articles included here. Perhaps even more so than in years past, many of this issue’s articles share the theme of change and instability: shore leave and the emergent ministry of package delivery; internet in the MLC, 2006; the continued plight of international fishers, highlighted by Bruno Ciceri; and, of course, war in Ukraine. David Reid’s article on ballast reminds us of the importance of detail and thoughtfulness in seafarers’ welfare, as do the book notices and the article on Professional Development. As Christians, we are also reminded of God’s call to persevere in serving them: both seafarers’ celebration of Mass with Bishop Cahill and Paul Rosenblum’s meditation on peace speak to this. As a production of the North American Maritime Ministry (NAMMA) and International Christian Maritime (ICMA) associations, our aim with The MARE Report is to support through information all who care for seafarers, fishers, and their families. We hope that the articles presented here help your work with maritime people, be it in the context of charity, industry, or research.