Book: 50 Years of Caring for Seafarers in Port Houston

50 YEARS OF CARING FOR SEAFARERS IN PORT HOUSTON (NAMMA, 2019) by Rev. David Wells and Dr. Jason Zuidema celebrates the five-decade history of the Houston International Seafarers’ Center: how it was founded, how it has served seafarers and led the field of seafarers; welfare over the years, and the generous and enterprising people who made it all possible. This history shows the value of partnerships; especially partnerships between the business world, the Port Authority, and local religious communities. Without these partnerships the Houston project would have stalled or failed at several key junctures. The value of the Houston Port Authority’s willingness to partner with others throughout the history of seafarers’ welfare in Houston cannot be overstated. At its heart, the story of seafarers’ service in Houston is about relationships; about connecting people. Because hundreds of staff and thousands of volunteers were willing to invest their time in the lives of others, over the last 50 years more than two million seafarers have been welcomed in the Seafarers’ Center and millions more have been cared for by chaplains and ship visitors throughout the Port. “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”