Statue of Philanthropist Captain Robert Richard Randall Relocated to SUNY Maritime College

New York, NY — May 20, 2024 — The Trustees of the Sailors’ Snug Harbor proudly announces the unveiling of a monument honoring its founder philanthropist and privateer, Captain Robert Richard Randall. The statue, crafted by acclaimed American sculptor Augustus St. Gaudens, has been relocated to its new home on the campus of SUNY Maritime College and will stand as a testament to Randall’s enduring impact on caring for those who have spent their careers sailing on American merchant vessels.

Randall founded the Sailors’ Snug Harbor, a charity dedicated to helping retired Merchant Mariners. His will, purported to be written by Alexander Hamilton in 1801, endowed a charity to aid retired mariners. The charity continues today, helping over 360 retired mariners across the country.   

In recognition of Randall’s extraordinary contributions, The Trustees of the Sailors’ Snug Harbor commissioned a monumental statue to commemorate his legacy. St. Gaudens was selected. The statue stood from 1884 to 1983 at the retirement home that Snug Harbor operated on Staten Island from 1833 to 1976. The statue then went to the new retirement home in Sea Level, NC in 1984. In 1984, a cast was made of the original statue and a duplicate was installed on the original base in Staten Island. Today Sailors’ Snug Habor has transitioned to helping mariners across the country from an office in Manhattan. Since the charity no longer operates a retirement home, the statue needed a new home. Through the generosity of Caddell Dry Dock and the Noble Maritime Collection in Staten Island, the statue was cared for in storage while a suitable location was found. Through the efforts of Tatti Art Restoration and Aiston Fine Arts, the statue is now on the campus of SUNY Maritime College for generations of future mariners to appreciate.

The statue captures the essence of Randall’s spirit and vision. Standing against the backdrop of the school’s athletic field, the sculpture will inspire students, faculty, and visitors alike.

“We are thrilled to unveil this magnificent statue, which stands as a testament to Captain Robert Richard Randall,” said Snug Harbor Trustee Capt. James McNamara. “It is our hope that this monument will inspire future generations to carry forward his legacy of service, leadership, and philanthropy.”

“We are honored to pay tribute to Captain Robert Richard Randall, whose generosity continues to help so many, 223 years after his death. Through this statue, we celebrate his enduring legacy and reaffirm our commitment to continue his directive in perpetuity.” Said Snug Harbor President Capt. Tim Ferrie.


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