Canadian National Seafarers’ Welfare Board Celebrates Day of the Seafarer 2024

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Title: Canadian National Seafarers’ Welfare Board Celebrates Day of the Seafarer 2024

Date: June 25, 2024

The Canadian National Seafarers’ Welfare Board is excited to announce its celebration of the International Day of the Seafarer 2024, an important international event dedicated to recognizing the invaluable contributions of seafarers to the global economy and maritime industry. This year, the focus is on safety at sea, under the theme #SafetyTipsAtSea.

Aligned with the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC 2006), the Board, which consists of shipowners, seafarers’ welfare and labour representatives, port representatives, and the government, is committed to the welfare and well-being of seafarers.

To highlight the critical role of safety in the maritime sector, the Board encourages seafarers and all those in the maritime industry to share photos and safety tips from their working environments. By using the hashtag #SafetyTipsAtSea, we can all contribute to a global dialogue on safety practices while showcasing their indispensable role in maintaining a safe maritime workplace.

Throughout Canada, a variety of celebratory events will take place under the auspices of seafarers’ welfare agencies to mark the Day of the Seafarer. The International Sailors’ Society Canada will conduct its annual “Peak Challenge” to foster support and raise awareness about the welfare of seafarers. In Prince Rupert, The Lighthouse, in conjunction with the Port, is planning a special event dedicated to seafarers. Similarly, The Lighthouse locations in Vancouver and Fraser Surrey are organizing a day filled with games, gifts, and a BBQ for seafarers. In Southern Ontario, the Mission to Seafarers in Hamilton will host a celebration dinner to honor the dedication and hard work of seafarers, while the Montreal Seafarers’ Centre will offer a free buffet dinner to all seafarers and their supporters, creating an environment of fellowship and appreciation. Additionally, in Halifax, the Mission to Seafarers will collaborate with Filipino-Canadian Friends to present an authentic Filipino luncheon, enhancing community bonds and cultural appreciation.

Debbie Murray, the Chairperson of the Board and Senior Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs at the Association of Canadian Port Authorities, emphasized the importance of the campaign: “Our seafarers are essential to the maritime industry, and their safety is our top priority. The #SafetyTipsAtSea campaign of this year’s Day of the Seafarer is not only about sharing knowledge and best practices but also about reinforcing our commitment to the health and safety of these vital workers.  Although hidden from view, they make a tangible impact on the everyday lives of Canadians by moving the goods consumed and inputs needed for Canada’s economic livelihood.”

The Day of the Seafarer serves as a reminder of the essential services provided by seafarers and acknowledges their resilience and dedication under challenging conditions.

The Canadian National Seafarers’ Welfare Board is proud to lead this celebration and continue its efforts to enhance seafarer welfare facilities and services across the nation.

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