Global Maritime Ministries sustains hurricane damage


by Susan Huppert, NAMMA

Hurricane Ida unleashed havoc on Southeast Louisiana, August 30, including the Global Maritime Ministries centers in New Orleans and the River Parishes locations.

According to Executive Director Rev. Philip Vandercook, the River Parish ministry center sustained major damage. Roof, ceiling and floors will need replacing. The New Orleans center will also require roof repairs. It is too early yet to fully determine the extent of damage.

On Facebook, Global Maritime Ministries posted a photo of the River Parish ministry center: “The eye of the storm went right over our River Parishes ministry center and it sustained considerable damage.”

All staff is safe. Their homes have minor damage. However, Vandercook reports estimates are that the city will be without electricity for at least three weeks and perhaps until November. The water system is damaged leaving residents without water. 

“It will take a few days to determine what we will need to do,” said Vandercook. “We really need to clean up and assess. Prayers are definitely needed.”

We welcome prayers for wisdom regarding our choices for renovation and how we can minister to others at this time, including our port community and partners,” he said.

Image: Facebook Global Maritime Ministries.


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