Mom on a Mission: A Next Generation to Cheer Seafarers in Port Houston

Article audio (courtesy of Don Sheetz)

by Susan Huppert, NAMMA

Deanna Fry is committed to instilling values in her children and beyond. The mother of two faces a busy holiday season because of her passion for seafarer missions.

“I have a huge heart for it,” she said. 

Fry spearheads the seafarer shoebox giving campaign at the Tallowood Baptist Church in Houston which has donated up to 800 gift boxes on a given year. Her motivation is to ensure the mission to seafarers continues for generations.

“I want to make sure younger generations stay involved,” said Fry.

Her church has followed her lead for the past 12 years.

The adults are well-informed. So, her heart tends toward the kids. She broadens the Christmas challenge to include children’s groups in the assembly of the boxes and incorporates the older youth with their donation of hand-written letters to include in the boxes.

Tallowood is 30 minutes from the Houston port. The 46-year-old mother takes youth to the seafarers’ center to witness its function and escorts them on a boat tour to expand their perspective on who seafarers are and the challenges they face.

“I want my kids to learn to do for others and to understand what missions are,” she said.

“I love doing it and I don’t want seafarers’ missions to die out.”


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