The MARE Report 2023

Welcome to this ninth print edition of the MARE Report, the journal of maritime ministry. We would like to thank our writers and colleagues in seafarers’ welfare whose work informs the articles included here. Many of the articles in this edition are about an issue near and dear to our hearts: education in seafarers’ welfare. Our featured interview, Dr. Helen Sampson, talks about how research can inform ministry (and vice versa), and Jason reports on the history of seafarers’ welfare and its many sources. We have dedicated two features – an article and an infographic – to sharing fundraising strategies, and we hope these can be useful both to maritime ministry professionals and their boards. Our professional development article considers education in neglected fields like Filipino culture and theology of seafaring. David Reid explains the chartering and operating side of the shipping industry. We also hope you appreciate updates on NAMMA and ICMA’s meetings in Rome and Canada, and hope to see you at future meetings. As a production of the North American Maritime Ministry (NAMMA) and International Christian Maritime (ICMA) associations, our aim with The MARE Report is to support through information all who care for seafarers, fishers, and their families. We hope that the articles presented here help your work with maritime people, be it in the context of charity, industry, or academics.